Julian Meadow

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  Julian has gained a credible reputation for understanding and delivering web and related technological solutions, within New Zealand, the United Kingdom and South East Asia.

For the past 25 years Julian has focused on managing complex digital-based projects involving multiple stakeholders. He is comfortable leading change on both small and large scales. As an early proponent of open systems and the Internet, Julian has received numerous awards for his contributions to the World Wide Web. In 1994/5, he was part of the small team who developed Newsroom, a system for delivering parliamentary news-feeds to the web. And when Mount Ruapehu erupted in 1995, Julian created Volcano-Cam, delivering live images of the eruption over the web, a world-first.

Julian's strengths lie in understanding systems and people's relationships with technology to make the user experience the best it can be. His background in computer networking and earlier in electronic engineering (he has an Honours degree in Physical Electronics from Newcastle, UK) lends technical aptitude to his skill set. This synergy of technology and user-centred elements is the key to achieving timely and cost effective solutions that work for everybody.

As an internet/intranet specialist and project manager since 1994, Julian's client list is extensive. Working in or leading teams of generally between 4 and 16, and managing diverse stakeholders, he counts upgrading the Reserve Bank's and Ministry of Education's Intranet sites, assisting with the development of ACC and Transpower's EDRMS solutions and redesigning the BNZ's and VUW's website as highlights, where the deliverables more than met the client's expectations.