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  VJ-ing culture has been around for over 40 years, with its origins in the underground dance scene, but more recently VJ mixes and styles have begun appearing in mainstream media, in galleries and on massive screens accompanying bands, at concerts and outdoor festivals. Today's VJ's are more experimental and explorative than ever before, playing with new media tools and techniques, evolving new forms of video art... indeed new forms of storytelling.

VJ-ing is fast evolving as a form of visual communication unlike any other. To quote Mitchell Stephens, professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at NYU: "Video can help us gain new slants on the world, new ways of seeing. Through its ability to step back from scenes and jump easily between scenes, video can also facilitate new, or at least previously underused, ways of thinking... video will prove a recipe for new kinds of wisdom."

The ability to sustain two or more contradictory thoughts simultaneously is one of the great strengths of "new video"... it doesn't hypnotise us into couch-potatoes, but has the opposite effect... it energises our thought processes. Incorporating local, recent and related imagery into the mix, particularly selected to match an event or gig, has a huge impact on your audience, which can equally apply whether at an underground rave or a corporate gig.