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  Today's VJ's offer a new form of storytelling that can engage, educate, entertain and transform your audience...

The cutting-edge techniques employed by today's VJ's can just as well be applied at an underground rave or a corporate gig. Employing the techniques developed and practised by today's VJ's can add much value to the development and production of your particular live event or campaign.

  Mr J is experienced in developing personalised visual storylines to match a specific event. Valuable skills include:
>> Contributing progressive ideas to develop and personalise your particular concept or theme.
>> Sourcing and selecting relevant imagery, customised to your particular campaign needs.
>> Capturing and creating unique visual material within a defined timeframe, using cutting-edge camera and editing techniques.
>> Mixing and projecting visual material as part of a performance incorporated into a live event.
>> Producing and contributing unique visual material for a range of pre and post-event uses, including distribution on video, the web, CD-ROM and DVD.
Please contact Mr J for further details.